4 Documented And Proven Benefits For Using SMS Marketing To Reach Out To Customers


Companies need to get their message out there nowadays and there are a number of ways to do that. You could use television, which still remains popular, radio, which is gradually becoming a little obsolete or by SMS marketing. You would be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t use a mobile phone in these modern times and even harder to find someone who doesn’t check their phone every day. SMS marketing is the future as it reaches massive numbers of people every day on a device that they carry with them at all times. The likelihood of someone being within reach of a television is extremely slim and the same goes for newspapers, magazines and other broadcast mediums. Many companies are still not aware of the massive benefits of using SMS marketing and because of this, they are missing out on opportunities that their competitors have been using for a long time.

There are companies who provide a particular SMS broadcast platform catered to Singapore enterprises and the benefits of this are endless. Let’s look at some of the benefits of SMS marketing for firms both large and small.

  1. When it comes to open rates, SMS marketing leaves all its closest competitors far behind. The open rate for text messages is over 95 per cent and when you compare that to emails on under 25 per cent, there really is no comparison. Many people think that social media is the way forward, but when you look at an expectation of only reaching 2 to 3 percent of your expected audience, it’s not that impressive.
  1. Even though it is very effective, SMS marketing is really under used. The average consumer is inundated with around 3500 messages a day, whether on social media or just surfing the net and it has got to the point where people are using apps just so they can avoid this type of advertising. The apps like uBlock Origin are installed on laptops and computers as a matter of routine and this type of marketing just isn’t effective but SMS marketing is.
  1. SMS marketing is more reliable as it tends to get to the end user a lot more times than emails do. How many times have you sat and created an email that puts across your message and then you send it to a potential customer, only for it to go straight into their spam folder. More and more companies now and installing filters in their computer systems to look out for such emails and stop them from even getting into their mailboxes.
  1. SMS provides a much wider reach to potential customers not only in your area, but all across the world. Not everyone is connected to the internet and recent figures suggest that over 60 per cent of the world’s population own a mobile phone, but only 48 per cent of those are connected to the Internet. SMS therefore helps you to reach those customers who are not connected and that amounts to a significant number.

Digital marketing has changed a lot and continues to change every day. People are constantly on their mobile devices and SMS marketing can help you reach all of those.