Codeless API Test Automation – An Overview


API testing is misunderstood by many of the developers. It is really natural to think that writing code is essential to do a test code. Nevertheless, it is not actually the only way. There are business testers with good domain knowledge that no one can rival. It is like adding a secret weapon to take the challenge.

What is web service testing?

A known fact is that web services are applications to be published over the Internet using the client applications. Thinking of a web service at the medium of communication means two applications exchange data, despite their underline technology and architecture.

The client applications today depend crucially on complex web services. Ascertaining the web services robustness considering both functional and non-functional aspects is obligatory, very much like a social contract.

It is definitely a vital reason to execute integration and functional testing as per your web service during the pre-deployment stage so that the defects are identified and resolved at the earliest. Stress testing/performance during the stage of post-deployment to assure service availability and responsiveness.

Working of Codeless Automation

Most tools of Codeless API test automation are wrappers on the automation tools on open-source just as the Selenium WebDriver, Adding any object helps the tool to fetch the identifier for an object and adds the action in the background to be taken on an identifier. The actions and objects that we see gets included on the UI, while the code is developed automatically in the background.

A few leading tools:

  • TestCraft
  • Renorex
  • Endtest
  • TestingWhiz
  • Katalon Studio

Pros of Codeless automation:

  • No requirement to develop the frameworks of complex automation
  • Supports agile
  • Easy to comprehend test scripts
  • QA Manual engineers are trained easily on these tools
  • More velocity in the automation test scripts
  • Easy to configure and maintainability
  • Economical as there is no extra automation test and so there is no need to pay for the tool
  • Manual QA engineers can be trained easily on these tools

Plan a functional test of web service

Before creating test procedure, plan the testing of web service as follows:

  • Define the service functionality
  • Determine the service APIs with verified specific versions. It is about taking advantage based on the languages that are machine readable.
  • Specifying the APIs helps in verifying the HTTP results that is in XML or JSON format.

Once you plan the automation test, you can create the test suite.