Mortgage Apps Every Homebuyer Needs To Have


Everyone dreams of buying their dream house someday. The sad reality is, however, not everyone thinks they can afford to buy a home. This is a common misconception that even people these days believe.

Lucky for us, many home loan options are now available to cater to your mortgage needs. Different mortgage lenders are very much willing to offer you Mortgage Loans Corpus Christi as long as you meet their loan requirements. But how can you decide which type of mortgage best suit your needs? How much your mortgage will cost? How can you determine how much house you can afford?

Now, mortgage shopping and house-hunting are made easier thanks to the many tools available for potential homebuyers. Here are five apps to keep in mind if you want to start your journey to homeownership this year.

Credit Karma

Before even applying for a mortgage, you’ll want to make sure your credit score meets the minimum credit scores required by lenders. Your credit history also matters as this shows a lot about you as a credit payer. Credit Karma lets you check what your current credit score is, and also gives you essential tips on how to improve your score. Take advantage of the free credit report. You get to check your credit history, see if there are any errors or discrepancy and have them corrected so you’ll be ready once you apply for a mortgage.

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Mortgage Mentor

Doesn’t it feel good when you can rely on something to answer your mortgage questions? Well, this app is the answer to your prayers. By using this app, you get to enjoy awesome information on how to choose the right mortgage and how to best care for your home loan. It understands that not all homebuyers have the same mortgage needs, and the Mortgage Mentor will guide you to the right track.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

This straightforward home loan calculator is relatively easy to use. By entering a downpayment fee, you get to see how much mortgage you require. It allows users to understand what your monthly payments will be after including insurance, PMI, HOA, and taxes. It supports adjustable, fixed-rate, and interest-only mortgage loans. You can also choose to pay off your mortgage early, choose up to ten extra payment amount, and it will show how much you get to save.

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After getting an idea on how much of a house you can afford with the mortgage, you can now shop for homes within your price range. It will be easier for you to find a house you can afford, thus eliminating false hope over finding a house you want but can’t afford to buy. The app shows house listings depending on the criteria you set, such as the location, price range, and open house availability. It can also show other info such as schools and churches near the property, plus an affordability cost breakdown and a mortgage calculator.

Bill Payment Log

Want to make sure you get to pay your mortgages on time? Then go ahead and download the Bill Payment Log. It sends you payment reminders, thus keeping you from having late payments and extra charges. As you stay on top of your mortgage obligations, you know you’re on the right track, and your financial health is not a risk.