Security Camera Usage: Busting Myths And Asking The ‘Whys’


It is one’s short-sightedness that leaves them vulnerable, not able to see the picture of the future because they are too busy fussing over concerns that do not deserve that kind of attention. Speaking of the 21st century – the IT age, it is impossible to move forward without making use of proper technology. From storage to transmission and securing to transcription, every aspect of data networking has been affected by the age of internet and here’s how one can play smart and safe to safeguard their privacy and personal interests.

Busting some myths around the usage of security cameras and answering some important questions:

Q] Are security cameras a threat?

A] Yes and no. There are two types of surveillance cameras: wired and wireless. While the wired cameras tend to capture and store data on an external hard disk whose contents are visible and viewable to a person who has access to its password, the wireless one tends to use the internet to stream its recordings across the internet to the viewer who might be viewing it on any device.

Our question is: Is the device you use to view the clippings secured? Is the Wi-Fi modem used by you secure enough for you to allow such transfer of data? Have you secured the Wi-Fi network that provides internet data to your base security camera?

Q] Why does one think that a security camera has data privacy issue when it is the network over which they use the features of the camera, prone to attacks?

A] Going through the above question one does realize why surveillance cameras are banned in certain parts of the US and other places in the world. This is because they are unable to assure the safety and extent of control they have over the affairs of the web.

What one cannot control tends to leave them vulnerable and salty.

Q] How can one smartly use them?

A] General awareness and vigilance need to be prima facie in matters of security. When making use of wireless security and surveillance cameras one needs to acknowledge that data encryption plays an important role in internet data usage. Hence, it is essential that the data streams over secured networks so there are no safety breaches anywhere in between the transfer.

To conclude, various factors need to be considered before commenting on the efficiency of security cameras.